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Brown Spots | Clinique Beauté Grace
It is a very popular treatment since many people suffer from this problem. We have different types of treatments depending on the cause : hormonal, Melasma, sun damage, scars, acne or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The combination of technology and ingredients are key in treating it.
Redness | Clinique Beauté Grace

If you suffer from Rosacea we can help you to control it. There are different types of treatments available like LUMECCA or Akin care therapies. The treatment will depend on your skin condition (erythematotelangiectatic or papulopustular).

Acne And Oily Skin | Clinique Beauté Grace

Acne treatments for adults, teenagers or hormonal imbalance. Treatments are done differently depending on the acne type (severe, moderate or light) : Comedogenic, papulo-pustular or cystic, and can last from 1-6 sessions in severe cases.

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