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I always recommend my clients to do their research before choosing any procedure or treatment. The device is the most important thing. Make sure you look for Diode, YAG or Alex (depending on the skin color).

We have the TRITON by INMODE also called DUO DARK and DUO LIGHT . This combines 2 types of laser in different hand pieces. That means DUO LIGHT  combines the DIODE with ALEX which is specific for light skin tones . And the DUO DARK works with YAG and DIODE for darker skin tones. Please watch this video if you want to know more about this amazing technology :

Who is candidate: Everyone with hair! BUT:

  • We advise to start at 14 years old not younger unless this is affecting the self esteem of the teenager.
  • People that love tanning need to wait 2 weeks after to get the procedure done
  • We can’t do it on people with skin cancer (on that area only)
  • People taking medication such as accutane (pills for acne), please let us know what are you taking so we can take precautions.
  • Pregnancy (it is better to wait after the pregnancy, we can still do it during breastfeeding)
  • For hormonal problems (like POS polycystic ovary syndrome) we do it just please take in consideration that it maybe need 2 more sessions than average. But still is so helpful everyone feels much better with the reduction of their hair.


  • AVOID sun exposure 10 days before and after and if you do please let us know in advance so we modify settings.
  • Please, avoid hot shower jacuzzi pool and sauna ONLY FOR the same day of the treatment.
  • We recommend to use cotton clothing to avoid irritation , also avoid exercise or hot yoga , same day.
  • Some people would want to have a numbing cream to reduce pain for the procedure. We advise to ask you pharmacist and apply the product one hour before the treatment. We will remove the cream for you and start treatment.
  • YOU NEED TO SHAVE BEFORE THE PROCEDURE . We advise you do this the night before the session.


This is diffrent from person to person. It will depend on:

  • Hormonal situation
  • Medication
  • Genetics
  • Lifestyle (how often you shave, or if you like tanning)
  • Sensitivity
  • will usually take between 4-8 sessions depending on the circumstances above and the areas (some areas will take longer than others) like legs and arms, they are easier than upper lip and bikini.
  • If you started hair removal laser with us we do offer touch ups. For those sessions you need to come with the hair (don’t shave) and we target hair by hair.


    • If something goes wrong it will show the next day after the treatment. Please do not try to do anything just contact us . We have extensive training for secondary effects if it happens and we will help to manage those and resolve them . So please contact immediately at 4385034381.
    • The treatment is safe but in case of any skin reaction or problem, please let us know as soon as possible.
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