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sensitive skin

Many people coming to their appointments tell us that they
have “sensitive skin”, but sometimes, it is not really the case. Most of the time they got this problem
over the years through the use of bad skin care products, too much sun exposure, bad diets, stress and
other factors.

We can help people with sensitive skin (usually they had asthma when they were young, atopic
dermatitis etc) to control their crisis (when their skin becomes really dry, itchy red and flaky),and to calm
those reactions and help them live a life with healthier skin with the help of a dermatologist.

We have so many good results and people happy with their skin after.

So what do we do :
  • Analyze the skin
  • Recommend skin care routine for your skin type, needs and problem
  • Some treatments such as:
  • Hydrafacial sensitive protocol: One of the safest facials for people with sensitive skin is the HydraFacial procedure. After treatment, there are no adverse effects and no downtime requirements. Here are a few advantages.
  • Skin that is smooth:HydraFacials use exfoliation to remove damaged or dead skin cells, giving you the smoothest skin possible.
  • Soft Skin:The moisturizers utilized in a HydraFacial are more potent than those found at your neighborhood pharmacy. They are made to stop moisture evaporation and problems like flakiness, dryness, and rough patches.
  • Clear skin: HydraFacial removes undesirable microorganisms and dirt from pores in addition to dead skin cells. This is excellent for those who frequently have acne.
  • Even Skin:  Skin disorders like hyperpigmentation,freckles, and dark patches can be brought on by sun damage. A HydraFacial treatment can target specific discoloration and improve skin tone.
  • Skin without wrinkles: As you age, fine lines and creases can form around your mouth and eyes. It has been demonstrated that HydraFacials can reduce wrinkles and increase skin suppleness. You can now stop the aging process.

Please watch this video so you know more about how it works:

  • We love hydrafacial . It is a very world wide known device that gives amazing and fast results for different types of skin and concerns.
  • Oxygeneo sensitive protocol
  • Very light Peelings anti-aging with infusion of vitamins and hydration
  • OxyGeneo facials use exfoliation (which isn’t irritating to patients with acne) and a non-vacuum device that is even safe for clients with sensitive skin.

Why we love oxygeneo:

You will get all the advantages of a typical oxygen facial (glowy, moisturized skin enriched with nutrients), as well as gentle exfoliation and oxygenation, when you have an OxyGeneo super facial. Regular facials, especially for individuals with sensitive skin, may not necessarily be safe for all skin types, unlike the OxyGeneo facial. Customers simply need one OxyGeneo super facial treatment to notice their skin’s improved texture and longer-lasting shine. With a standard facial, you would require multiple sessions to experience the same long-term advantages, such as improvements in acne, elasticity, and brown spots, that OxyGeneo super facial users experience after only one treatment.

How it works (you can read or watch this video)

  • Exfoliation: To begin with, the geneO+ exfoliates the skin’s top layers in order to remove dead skin cells, rejuvenate the skin, and get it ready to absorb nutrients. All skin kinds and tones can benefit from exfoliation; delicate skin can even be treated without causing irritation.
  • Rejuvenation – Using our exclusive Capsugen, geneO+ technology uses nutrient-rich active substances to deeply cleanse the skin. You can select between NeoReviveTM (for anti-aging and rejuvenation) or NeoBrightTM as your gel treatment (for skin brightening and texture improvement).
  • Oxygenation – The geneO+ causes CO2 bubbles to softly burst on the skin’s surface, causing the body to respond physiologically by sending oxygen-rich blood to the area. This improves skin metabolism and increases capillary flow. Because it encourages optimal absorption of active ingredients, oxygenation is quite effective.
  • Ultrasound – this technology penetrates below the surface of the skin to promote cellular repair and renewal, increase circulation and improve the skin’s ability to absorb skincare products and makeup.

And our clinique grace sensitive treatment

We created this treatment by reading many articles, attending aesthetics events and training as an aesthetician with Dermalogica. We follow a personalized protocol that includes targeting extractions, infusion of vitamins, a very light peeling, a soothing mask, and LED light. We recommend that you ask for the basic facial. You will also love it.
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