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Scars are created by loss of collagen during the wound healing process.


These can be combined with brown spots or only affecting texture. Sometimes we can even still have acne and see the acne scars. In this case we have to control acne first.

Types of acne scars:

  • ICEPICK : deeper than it is wide . (Width less than 2mm)
  • BOXCAR : wider than it is deep (width between 1-4 mm)
  • ROLLING: Ripple like appearance. (Width more than 4 mm)
  • How can we fix it :

    At Clinique Grace we offer 2 different types of treatments:


    Peelings(sometimes combined with Microneedling for better results)

    Microneedling corrects the scars by mechanical breakdown of the existing scarring.

    This allows for new, natural wound healing cascade (as opposed to negative wound healing factors that were present in the initial injury that resulted in the scaring like burning or the infection of acne).  It stimulates the production of growth factors and new proteins that would remodel the scar tissue.

    how often does it take to see results?

    You do see an improvement on the quality of the skin right away because we clean your skin , exfoliate, how long does it take to see results. But the reality is that for the collagen to grow it takes 2 months after the first session. We do take pictures so we can evaluate the grade of improvement .

    How many sessions does it take?

    On average, we see amazing results after 3 sessions. Some people will do 1 to 6 sessions in one year. The best results come after one year of treatment, but every time you will see improvement. Remember, it depends on severity and also how much the client wants to improve. Some people have higher expectations than others. Let’s evaluate your skin so we can give you a better idea. This evaluation is free of charge.

    Microneedling ALSO helps us for the following:

    • Control on the melanogenesis (Pigmentation problems)
    • Removing fine wrinkles and improving texture
    • Skin tightening
    • Reducing pore size
    • The evaluation is mandatory to see if you are good candidate for treatment and how many sessions we will need to be able to achieve results.

    What to expect:

    You can go back to work or have an event 2 hrs after.

    Minimum discomfort

    • Redness  only same day after the session
    • We recommend  1-3 sessions done monthly (depending on severity and expectations )
    • Skin care mandatory to maintain  and enhance results.
    • You see immediately results on the Skin quality and luminosity,  but for truly improvement on skin tightening and wrinkles please expect 2 months.
    • All of our treatments includes  skin evaluation, extractions , microdermabrasion (in mostly of our clients unless they are not candidate), LED light and infusion of vitamins.
    • Note: There are other procedures that help with scars such as lasers and even injections of hyaluronic acid or other ingredients. We are working on getting a Canadian certified doctor so he can help us to bring this amazing alternatives to the Clinique.

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